Social distancing encompasses non-pharmaceutical measures for controlling the transmission of infectious disease through reduction in the frequency of physical contact between individuals.

Large-scale methods of social distancing include:

  • Closing schools, child care and elder care centers
  • Closing workplaces
  • Telecommuting, videoconferencing and telephone conferencing
  • Cancelling public gatherings
  • Closing public recreational facilities
  • Limiting mass transit
  • Implementing community-wide quarantine or "stay at home" days
  • Public education on hygiene and cough etiquette.

Small-scale methods of social distancing include:

  • Maintaining three feet of space between oneself and others
  • Avoiding shaking hands, hugging or kissing
  • Avoiding crowded, enclosed spaces such as grocery and department stores, movie theatres, gas stations, schools, and sporting events
  • Limiting shopping trips to once a week
  • Using N95 style respirator masks
  • Washing hands after touching items touched, breathed upon or coughed upon by others
  • Assigning a single caretaker to a sick person
  • Household quarantine
  • Avoiding smoking and smokers
  • Paying for gasoline at the pump rather than at the counter.

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